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Past Events 

Salzburg    |    Austria    |    13 - 15 May 2019   

The 2019 event was hosted by the Austrian Armed Forces, which made for an interesting and productive meeting. Thanks go out to the Co-Chair Martin Müllner who facilitated many useful discussions as themed by the various presentations which were delivered at the event.

As with the 2018 event, we welcomed a range of different Military and Industry personnel, who gave unique insights to common tactical communication considerations and we were thrilled to discuss important areas such as testing, certification, standards compliance, procurement and cyber security.

The group enjoyed a trip up Untersberg Mountain and a boat trip down the river Salzburg as part of a social gathering and networking evening.

Kaunas    |    Lithuania    |    29th - 30th May 2018   

Thanks go out to those who attended the inaugural 2018 event which was held in Kaunas, Lithuania on the 29th and 30th May 2018.  The event hosted a range of different personnel from both Military and industry organisations, where many useful discussions and presentations were held.


Viktorija Urbe from the Lithuanian Armed Forces co-chaired the forum and it was encouraging to see many delegates contributing first-hand experiences, best practices and opinions pertinent to sustainable and efficient tactical communications.


The two-day event focused on overall tactical communications and explored areas such as requirements management, procurement, interoperability, training and operational elements of tactical communications.

The group enjoyed a tour of the Lithuanian Aviation Museum as part of a social gathering and networking evening.

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