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TCF background information



TCF was developed with four main goals:

·       Independent/voluntary organised

·       Broaden the scope of discussion from a TDL focus to include wider, mission-critical Tactical Comms themes (TDLs,

Identification (IFF) and tactical communication radios.

·       To be impartial and low-cost to attend.

·       To meet the exact requirements of attendees by ensuring that all attendees are able to contribute ideas.


TDL domain is well accommodated in terms of opportunities for peer-meetings, but that the scope was not broad enough to include the many mission-critical and technical issues in the tactical communications domain.


The TCF is

·       Discussion Forum:  no exhibition, emphasis on discussion during and after briefs.

·       Size:  large enough for a variety of viewpoints, small enough to keep discussions productive.

·       Open:  attendance and presentations accepted from any corner, level and rank of the community.

·       Informal:  emphasis on productive discussion, with opportunities for a pleasant business trip.

·       Impartial and unbiased:  no commercial interest, ran by the community for the community.

·       The Organisation:  Anyone can help with the organisation of the event, have your say.

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